At Sawtooth Technologies, we don’t just measure customer satisfaction—we show you how to improve it.

Measuring customer satisfaction is a tried-and-true research methodology. Our unique approach to this type of research goes beyond standard measurements of satisfaction. In addition to identifying the drivers of satisfaction typical of any customer satisfaction study, we create an interactive customer satisfaction model. This predictive tool allows you to test the potential impact that positive changes to the key satisfaction drivers have on your customers’ levels of satisfaction.

The result is an understanding of the specific actions, which will give you the most leverage for improving overall customer satisfaction.

Shedding Light

Customer satisfaction modeling provides answers to these vital questions:

  • How satisfied is the market with your product or service?
  • What are the key drivers of customer satisfaction?
  • Which of the key drivers represent the greatest potential for improving satisfaction?
  • Which actions will result in the greatest increase in customer satisfaction?

While there is likely room for improvement with all drivers of satisfaction, some changes will be more relevant to customers than others. The model is used to test “what if” scenarios to predict which actions will reap the greatest improvement in overall customer satisfaction. For example, we can help you determine which strategy would likely yield greater results: making significant changes to one or two key drivers vs. making incremental changes in a larger number of secondary drivers.

Beyond Customer Satisfaction Modeling

Once the key drivers of customer satisfaction are identified, you can track and measure changes in overall customer satisfaction levels over time to determine whether actions you have taken to improve satisfaction have the desired effect. Customer satisfaction modeling can also be used to track, measure and improve customer loyalty.

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