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CATI/Mixed Mode Hosting Services

Remote Apps:

We can host your CATI/MixedMode surveys and provide RemoteApps for your Interviewers and Supervisors. RemoteApps are small size (about 4kb) rdp files that connect to our hosting server. This launches the Interviewer or Supervisor application on your system and gives you access to your studies. RemoteApps are platform-independent and run on any operating system. Interviewer and Supervisor RemoteApps can be ran from any location provided users are connected to the Internet.

Hosting Service:

We can also host your online surveys, providing unique study links for your respondents to take survey online using any web browser.

Our hosting service also handles a mixed-mode study. WinCati hosted Mixed-Mode is fully integrated. Respondents can choose interview mode. For example, a respondent can spontaneously request to take survey online during a phone engagement. Remote interviewers will simply assign a web call-disposition and WinCati will dynamically construct and send a survey link to the respondent using its email module. The online interview will continue exactly where the interviewer left off during the phone interview.

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